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Ethics and Social Responsibility in International Business

Morals and Social Responsibility in International Business The significance of morals in the worldwide business condition should be over accentuated. These days, the requirement for perfect moral conduct inside associations is fundamental if associations are to stay away from expected claims and different vulnerabilities in their tasks as new business patterns rise regularly making issues associations and end users.Advertising We will compose a custom exploration paper test on Ethics and Social Responsibility in International Business explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Public outrages of corporate misbehavior and acts of neglect, which and have even asserted demise of numerous associations, have significantly affected the open view of numerous global associations. Take these examples are enormous associations, for example, Enron, Arthur Andersen and WorldCom among others. The ongoing extension of worldwide business just as decay of exchange hindrances has required the world over to additionally support the enthusiasm for the subjects of moral conduct and social duty. On this, human rights and natural preservation are getting more acknowledgment as time passes in both scholastic just as business circles. As worldwide associations grow all around and build up activities in remote markets, moral direct of their officials and workers acquire significance since the social assorted variety that typically go with such development may bargain the much shared social and moral qualities noticeable in the more homogeneous associations (Morf, Duffy, et al. 1999 ). Albeit comprehension of different societies and affirmation of contrasts among them will improve the multifaceted correspondence, it may not be sufficient to offer perfect structures of legitimate moral conduct in associations. In the scholastic circles, the way of life based importance model is created to clarify in addition to other things, how social contrasts impact the moral recognitions just as activities of people occupied with settling on choi ces with moral suggestions. Multinationals need to grapple with the legitimate and good environment in which they work. Or more all, they have to build up a situation that cultivates moral conduct, in light of the fact that in the last investigation to do in any case eats into their productivity. Rather than this assessment, a few researchers propelled the hypothesis of Virtuous Ethics, which is characterized as a hypothesis that centers chiefly around a people moral character. As indicated by these researchers, promoting scientists append little significance to idealistic morals. Moreover, they recommend that without thinking about idealistic morals, a detailed examination of the moral character of promoting leaders and their techniques can't be attained.Advertising Looking for research paper on business financial aspects? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Strategies, for example, the codes of morals speak to one methods for ac complishing a definitive objective of having moral global obligation of business around the world. There are various moral duties looked by global associations. Along these lines, similarly as one can esteem an individual’s culture by their activities and individual exercises, moral atmosphere can be seen for a bigger scope; for this situation, the association. Here, moral atmosphere is the employee’s impression of the standards of an association (Bartels et al., 1998). Associations that have a vigorous moral atmosphere experience hardly any genuine moral issues and are increasingly effective in adapting to such issues. Their examination recommends that it is essential for supervisors to consider creating solid moral atmospheres so as to outfit authoritative individuals with the capacity to manage moral quandaries. They need to manage the turn of events and support of clear and strong arrangement of standards to advance great moral conduct. As Laczniak, et al (2007) ha s called attention to an organization’s codes of morals and implementation of rules goes far in controlling the immediate conduct of social elements. In light of the above examination, multinationals must recognize the requirement for a homogenous code of business morals. Without such a code, the direct of players in this field will be erratic. Moreover, national governments need to realize that the best method of shielding their residents, their national advantages, and that of the worldwide condition against the fancies of the worldwide business rely upon the turn of events, reception and requirement of such a code. In any case, a flood of force has been seen the world over inferable from expanding interest and consciousness of the gatherings concerned. Numerous global organizations, for example, Toyota, Siemens, General Mills and Johnson among others have composed rules that intricately and expressly detail how workers are relied upon to treat providers, clients, contender s, just as different gatherings. There are those that have defined conventional codes of morals composed articulations about the qualities and moral norms that manage the institutions’ operationsAdvertising We will compose a custom exploration paper test on Ethics and Social Responsibility in International Business explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Some worldwide organizations manage moral issues proactively, by giving their representatives preparing on the most proficient method to deal with moral issues. At Boeing, for example, line administrators are liable for regulating instructional meetings for different workers, and the organization additionally has a morals panel that answers legitimately to the governing body. The instructional courses involve conversations of different moral issues that workers may face and how best to deal with them. Authoritative practices just as corporate culture additionally have an effect on the administration of moral co nduct. In the event that pioneers in a firm act in a moral way and infringement of moral guidelines are instantly and obviously tended to, at that point everybody in the association will perceive that the firm anticipates that them should act in a moral way. In the event that pioneers have all the earmarks of being over the set moral gauges or either trivialize or overlook untrustworthy practices, at that point an inappropriate message is sent to the workers. References Bartels L.K. et al. (1998). The Relationship between Ethical Climate and Ethical Problems inside Human Resource Management†, Journal of Business Ethics Vol. 17, 799-804. Laczniak, G. R. also, Inderrieden J. (2007). The Influence of Stated Organizational Concern upon Ethical Decision Making, Journal of Business Ethics. Vol 6, 297-307. Morf, Duffy An., et al. (1999). A Survey of Ethics Officers in Large Organizations, Journal of Business Ethics. Vol 20, 265-271

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Membership and retention Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Participation and maintenance - Essay Example The examination uncovered that there is a dissimilarity between information about essential rights under these association based laws and that most workers don't comprehend their legitimate rights or their privileges on end and excusal (Omar, Chan and Joned, 2009). At businesses in which organization enrollment is now present, this could have a lot to do with why associations are removed and why organization enrollment keeps on declining. So as to fortify organization enrollment, in-house writing ought to be delivered by association administration that characterizes these rights, in a language that is effortlessly comprehended by a wide assortment of taught and non-instructed socioeconomics. By giving this data, those presently in associations would see how the association really speaks to their inclinations and be less able to request association exit from the modern condition. â€Å"Once unionization happens, the union’s capacity to encourage duty from individuals and to stay as their haggling specialist relies upon how well the association prevails with regards to offering types of assistance that its individuals want† (Mathis and Jackson, 2005, p.544). It is likewise conceivable to improve organization enrollment by reviewing the present aggregate dealing delegates that handle arrangements for workers. The unpredictable elements of aggregate haggling requires people with mental information, the board preparing, legitimate comprehension, and compromise aptitudes. In the event that the association isn't being spoken to by equipped and qualified people, the employees’ needs will probably not be tended to capability and thusly organization enrollment will decay because of haggling insufficiency. These reviews can be directed by the associations themselves, the corporate supervisory crews, representative evaluation groups, or even paid free inspecting contactors having some expertise in association information and dealing standards. By representing that there is an estimation framework set up to check competency, and advancing these endeavors adequately, progressively organization enrollment

How UPS Delivers Objective Performance Appraisals Essay

Official Summary: In the investigation beneath you will find out about UPS and how they convey target execution examinations. You will increase a comprehension of how the execution of PDAs has normalized their assessment procedure. It will additionally clarify why UPS isn't a people-focused organization, how they consolidate the basic occurrences examination method, the lawfully solidness of their assessment program, how they don’t cross the slim line among management and â€Å"snoopervision† and what they can do to improve their driver assessment program. Foundation: For the United Parcel Service (UPS) deciding whether objectivity is precisely being utilized during a survey is a troublesome procedure yet a significant one. The execution of individual advanced partners (PDAs) has guaranteed the utilization of objectivity by normalizing the assessment procedure through programming. During audits chiefs direct ride-alongs with their representatives to guarantee strategies and arrangements are being followed. Before the presentation of companywide agendas through the PDAs there was no chance to get of knowing whether each worker was getting a similar assessment and being assessed on a similar scale. PDAs have enabled managers to remain reached to things, for example, email while rapidly distinguishing preparing needs and permitting access to preparing assets. UPS has seen the upsides of PDAs and will keep on placing more in the field as they guarantee objectivity and give a strong structure to worker assessments. Examination: As per (Kreitner and Cassidy, 2008) on page 273 Jeffrey Pfeffer found an association between individuals focused practices, higher benefits, and lower representative turnover. He likewise distinguished seven individuals focused practices three of which legitimately identify with this case. The main practice is representative strengthening through decentralization and self-guided groups. Decentralization as indicated by (Kreitner and Cassidy, 2008)on page 254 is â€Å"management’s sharing of dynamic authority with lower-level employees.† For this situation UPS has concluded that chiefs rather than upperâ management, for example, HR would lead ride-alongs to assess how well their representatives are performing and following methodology. The subsequent practice is sharing of key data. With the execution of PDAs directors are constantly associated with email and other significant assets. The PDAs have made the assessment procedure progressively uniform all through the organization and enable directors to rapidly move data when they return to the workplace. The third practice is extensive preparing. Chiefs can utilize the PDAs in the field to walk workers through applied techniques and distinguish preparing needs. Albeit three of the seven individuals focused practices identify with this case as per Pfeffer the seven practices are a coordinated bundle that ought not be actualized piecemeal and hence he would not call UPS a people-focused organization. As indicated by (Kreitner and Cassidy, 2008) on page 280 execution examination is â€Å"evaluating work execution as a reason for faculty decisions.† Based on the data for the situation UPS is utilizing the basic occurrences strategy. The basic occurrences procedure referenced in (Kreitner and Cassidy, 2008) on page 281 states, â€Å"Specific occasions of sub-par and unrivaled execution are archived by the chief when they occur.† By directing ride-alongs with the representatives managers are in an ideal circumstance to satisfy the prerequisites of this method. The PDAs with the agendas which are the equivalent and utilized by everybody all through the organization guarantee representatives are being assessed on similar techniques and arrangements and that bosses are utilizing a similar assessment scale when deciding occupation execution. To dodge legitimate activity while assessing an employee’s execution as indicated by (Kreitner and Cassidy, 2008) on page 280 managers need to put together their evaluation frameworks with respect to the accompanying four measures, work examination, conduct arranged, explicit composed directions, and explored results. UPS with the usage of PDAs has obviously fulfille d these prerequisites. Preloaded programming has transformed the assessment procedure into a standard technique while distinguishing and delineating the particular errands and aptitudes required for a representative to be fruitful. A progression of agendas portraying in detail the employee’s obligations enable chiefs to unbiasedly rate singular execution regardless of who is giving the assessment or where it is occurring. During an assessment if a worker isn't following strategies bosses can show them in theâ field the best possible way it should be finished. After the assessment the administrator has everything expected to give direct input and proposals to the representative so they have an away from of how they are getting along and how execution can be improved. Snoopervision is an administration style including spying and nosy practices. In view of this definition UPS doesn't cross the dainty line among oversight and snoopervision. Ride-alongs by chiefs are normal practice and the best pointer of an employee’s execution. The usage of PDAs have basically given the representative a reasonable possibility at getting a legitimate assessment dependent on how they preform by normalizing the assessment procedure companywide. For most representatives in the U.S. a developing worry of their manager investigating their shoulder and abusing their entitlement to security is turning out to be increasi ngly more clear as innovation advances. On account of UPS this shouldn’t be a worry on the grounds that the usage of innovation isn't being utilized to spy or to actualize meddlesome practices yet to appropriately prepare and guard representatives while preforming their activity. In the wake of perusing the case I think the usage of the PDAs have incredibly improved the driver assessment program. PDAs offer a companywide normalized assessment process with simple access to data required to appropriately assess, train, and offer criticism to workers. Pushing ahead a concentrated exertion by upper administration should be put on ensuring the representatives are holding and moving data gave to them during the assessment procedure to the activity. They ought to likewise get input from their workers on how they saw the assessment program, in the event that they picked up the information and aptitudes proposed, and if any upgrades are being made. Actualizing post-assessment overviews and tests would fill in as brisk and si mple markers for administrators if workers are really learning and understanding the data they are accepting through the assessment program. Bits of knowledge/ Proposals: Looking into this case has given me a superior comprehension of how significant the seven individuals focused practices are to an association and why just 12 percent of associations are as of now considered individuals focused. It has made me fully aware of the exhibition examination procedure and how significant it is for businesses to guarantee lawful solidness of their evaluations. Acquiringâ knowledge and data from representatives is the way to appropriately increasing a comprehension of how well an assessment procedure is functioning and if any progressions should be made. Pushing ahead UPS essentially needs to keep actualizing strategies and approaches that guarantee the utilization of objectivity during worker assessments. Administrators need to completely comprehend these methodology and arrangements and ensure they keep on assessing dependent on the rules recorded in the agendas. Guaranteeing legitimate maintenance and move of information to the activity will be a continuou s procedure and ought to be assessed by ride-alongs with the utilization of post preparing studies and tests. For progress to proceed in the association correspondence alongside cutting-edge assets are vital and it will be the obligation of upper administration to ensure both include a solid nearness inside the association. .

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APA citation styles Essay Essay Example

APA reference styles Essay Example APA reference styles Essay APA reference styles Essay Guidance manuals On the off chance that you are new to APA tribute habits. you may happen it supportive to rethink the stuff inside the Citing beginnings using APA recognition way booklet before get bringing down this evaluation. Question 1 Choose the acclamation that is in appropriate APA recognition group for a book. Jenkins. Henry. Fans. bloggers. what's more, gamers exploring participatory civic establishments. New York New York University Press. 2006. Jenkins. H. Fans. bloggers. also, gamers looking into participatory developments. New York University Press. New York. 2006. Jenkins. H. ( 2006 ) . Fans. bloggers. what's more, gamers looking into participatory development. New York New York University Press. Jenkins. Henry. ( 2006 ) . Fans. Bloggers. what's more, Gamers Exploring Participatory Culture. New York UP New York. Question 2 Choose the acclamation that is in legitimate APA tribute for a section from a book ( no named essayist of part ) . Cook. V. J. ( 2004 ) . FlavaN Gorillaz Pop Group N ames. In Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary. ( pp. 21-22 ) . Simon and Schuster New York. Flava n Gorillaz Pop gathering names. ( 2004 ) . In V. J. Cook. Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary ( pp. 21-22 ) . New York Simon and Schuster. Flava n Gorillaz Pop gathering names. In Cook. V. J. Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary ( pp. 21-22 ) . New York Simon and Schuster. 2004. V. J. Cook. 2004. Flavan Gorillaz Pop gathering names. In Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary. pp. 21-22. Simon and Schuster New York. Question 3 Choose the right APA acclamation for a paper article. Yonke. D. ( 2008. September 13 ) . Priests on the course for harmony Tibetan Buddhists bring message that felicity is an inner occasion. The Blade ( Toledo. Goodness ) . p. B7. Yonke. David. ( 2008 ) . Priests on the course for harmony Tibetan Buddhists bring message that felicity is an inner occasion. The Blade ( Toledo. Gracious ) . pp. B7. Yonke. David. Priests on the course for harmony Tibetan Buddhists bring message that felicity is an interior occasion.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Advantages and Disadvantages

Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Advantages and Disadvantages Talk about the qualities and shortcomings of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act and portray how an IT division can address the difficulty of executing SOX consistence In the course of recent years we have been presented to a progression of monetary outrages. The impact has been cataclysmic and society has expected guideline to limit debasement. In 2002, the USA congressperson Paul Sarbanes and Representative Mike Oxley supported the Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act. It is by and large called the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act and was set up so as to direct the responsibility of monetary reports and forestall dangers event However, the sending of SOX consistence costs a great deal of cash, assets and endeavors. It influences the account office, yet in addition the data innovation (IT) office. The hazard avoidance and cost worry of SOX Act will be portrayed in the main passage; the advantages and disadvantages of procedure control, documentation and duty will be talked about in the following; the qualities and downsides of security control will be shown after that; at that point the test of an IT office for SOX consistence will be analyzed. At last, a contextual investigation on the Enron embarrassment will be presented. This paper will help demonstrate that the SOX framework merits the cost regardless of specific downsides and talk about how an IT office meets the consistence. It merits forestalling potential dangers by viably playing out the SOX guideline despite additional expenses and remaining task at hand. In any case, SOX Act gives a rule of inner control for fiscal report to forestall any potential hazard, all the monetary occasions and bookkeeping exercises will oversee by this system. Along these lines, the budget summaries would be increasingly exact and dependable (Anand 2006: 2). Furthermore, through normal interior and outer reviewing to guarantee there has no deceitful practices in the money related tasks. Subsequently, the potential dangers can be limited and untrustworthy practices can be forestalled and stopped. Be that as it may, the fund and IT divisions must financial plan the consumption of SOX usage toward the start and furthermore need to pay outside bookkeeping firms for normal assessments consistently. The estimation of its expense was around USD 91,000 with an extra 383 worker hours in 2003, and the expense is as yet expanding eac h year (Jahmani and Dowling 2008: 59). Staffs have an expanded outstanding task at hand by team up with advisors for the inspecting. Those representatives need to report routine exercises, yet in addition need to set up a great deal of confirmations for reviewers examination. In spite of the fact that workers may endure these extra errands, some sudden advantages will be picked up from them too. The straightforwardness of documentation gives an organization greater honesty despite the fact that some procedure changes are required. The standard working method (SOP) of every division must be reported, particularly for those tasks include to money related exercises and SOX consistence. To be specific, the interior or outside inspectors will research any potential danger of procedure control as per the documentation. It is believed that the foundation of SOP and documentation would be a bit of leeway to organizations, since it exhibits the arrangement of an organization and workers are anything but difficult to follow, and it likewise improves the viability and proficiency of business process. Furthermore, the isolation of obligations is likewise a basic control point to the SOX consistence for the hazard avoidance (Anand 2006: 53). Representatives are required to demand records to the framework executive as per their obligation, and different associates are denied to process da ta frameworks through different people groups framework accounts. In this manner, each and every detail is recorded into the data framework with standard reinforcement arrangements. It gives the discernibility to evaluators exploring any presumed issues. Alternately, organizations may need to change business process stream and adjust related framework stream so as to line up with SOX Act rule. They should pay additional expenses of business process re-building and IT staffs must improve data framework to meet those prerequisites too. The guideline of security control will stay away from unseemly practices occurring despite the fact that workers may feel dissatisfaction. The IT division plays out a significant job to help and diminish the exertion of manual employments. In any case, they ordinarily have more experts in framework to help client needs. Therefore, IT individuals are likewise partitioned into various jobs, and those jobs are normally independently appointed into server, database, security and application frameworks. Each change and alteration must be affirmed and reported into the framework. Also, those progressions must be consistently checked on by the supervisory group in the change the executives meeting (Sentt and Gallegos 2009: 408). Along these lines, it will be more security and the danger of framework change can be decreased. In whole, workers have away from of their jobs and their exhibition can be effectively followed from the data framework. Potential dangers can be likewise limited by the limitation of framework structure and security control. Regardless of this advantage, more staffs may should be recruited to forestall the contentions of occupation obligations, since workers can't approve the standard of isolation of obligations. At long last, attributable to those convoluted limitations of SOX consistence guideline, representatives may feel disappoint of contrary to rules. They may lean toward concentrating on their standard errands as opposed to stretching out their ability to include another territory in light of dangers taken. IT office regularly assumes a significant job of actualizing SOX consistence for the data framework viewpoint. There are a few methodologies recommended for an IT office to adapt to the test of SOX consistence. In any case, an advanced data framework is key in executing SOX consistence. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) framework consequently computes monetary reports and its activities ordinarily can meet Sarbanes-Oxley Act necessities (Pathak 2005: 72). Next, the framework change and program rendition control are likewise ordered. In this manner, the presentation of a change the executives framework would be useful for executing these changes. Likewise, cross check of those progressions would assist organizations with forestalling any unforeseen debacle just as certain fakes in reason. Moreover, framework logs, reinforcement arrangements and security controls are additionally basic for an IT office meeting the measures of SOX usage. Eventually, documentation is a fundamental c omponent for the accomplishment of SOX consistence execution. Along these lines, framework manuals, client manuals, exchange logs, security control sheets, plan employments and change demand logs must be chronicled and sorted in the document framework. To put it plainly, as long as IT division follows above rules, at that point it won't be hard to address the difficulty of executing the SOX consistence. Let us presently take a gander at the Enron embarrassment, a significant model not least as a result of its effect on the USA government and society. The consequential convulsions were felt all around. Enron was a vitality organization which provided power and gas in the USA. This organization was likewise giving data transfer capacity administration, paper and metal items. In any case, those ventures appeared not effective and productive. Enron in this way had made a great deal of abroad particular reason substances for stowing away Enrons misfortunes on their monetary reports, and it had likewise made the hallucination of productivity which was really losing cash. Also, Enrons review firm Arthur Andersen had a drawn out relationship and it helped Enron to shroud misfortunes by annihilating related records. Inevitably, their trick was presented to society because of disclosure of an immense measure of undisclosed misfortunes USD 586 million. The stock cost had a sensational tumble f rom roughly USD 90 dollars to 30 pennies. At long last, Enron was petitioned for financial protection in 2002 (Welytok 2006: 26). Individuals ought to take in the destructive from this episode, especially the US government and the whole corporate must forestall such sort of embarrassment happening once more. Along these lines, the usage of SOX Act would be a decent way to deal with check defilement. The proof shows that actualizing and continuing SOX consistence could limit extortion or wrongdoing hazard up to 95 percent of an organization, if that organization performs it suitably and effectively(Anand 2006: 196). It exhibits the essentialness and viability of SOX consistence. All in all, there are a few favorable circumstances and detriments for actualizing SOX consistence in organizations. To begin with, money related reports would be increasingly straightforward and dependable through examining controls, and potential dangers will be decreased. Next, the two organizations and workers will profit by the formation of documentation. Since it meets SOX consistence and assists representatives with understanding the business forms. From that point forward, it is more security for the limitations of framework record and authority, and those potential cheats would be limited. Then again, there are a few hindrances of SOX consistence to organizations. To start with, SOX consistence execution will cost a great deal of cost, and organizations need to spending plan for SOX inspecting each year. Also, the procedures change of an organization is inescapable to comply with the rule. Besides, representatives may lose their eagerness for employment because of the confin ements of SOX Act, workers would get disappointed of including different territories. At long last, a few techniques are fitting for IT division actualizing the SOX consistence. For example, a complex ERP framework can be simpler to adjust the difference in SOX consistence execution; change the executives and rendition control must be under controlled; setting up all documentations as conceivable as could be expected under the circumstances. Most importantly are fundamental components for the achievement of SOX consistence execution. Reference list: Anand, S. (2006) Sarbanes-Oxley manage for fund and infor

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Legalization of Marijuana Essay - 825 Words

Legalization of Marijuana (Essay Sample) Content: Legalization of MarijuanaName:Professor:Course:Date:Legalization of MarijuanaGlobally, drug and drug abuse is a song that every adult must have come across in a lifetime. Surprisingly, despite the myriad campaign and sensitization programs at national and international levels, through government and non- governmental based organizations, marijuana users are obstinate on the quest to wipe it out globally; it is unrealistic that people jeopardize their lives by breaking the law for the sake of drugs. The essay will be focused distinctively on marijuana; a drug that people enjoy like movies, music and TV shows, and derive a conclusive perception that would enhance safety and better living standards for the global population. Marijuana drug denies many people of chances to live freely within the community. This is due to numerous confirmed and pending court cases against the culprits caught either in possession of, smuggling or using the illegal drug (Minamide, 2006). In spite of the high risks associated with the use of marijuana, it should be legalized so that the users just like in the case of tobacco may decide to risk or salvage their lives from the lethal drug (CNNMoney). This would be enhanced through warning message branded on the back of the packages and also broadcasts through the media so that users may resolve to a wiser decision between stopping the consumption and continuously exposing their lives to irreversible dangers associated with the consumption of the drug (Morgan, 2010).In the U.S.A., debates on legalization of marijuana have been effortlessly fought over nonstop since its existence and effects respective were discovered (CNNMoney). Marijuana tests in the U.S.A. proved that its legalization would positively impact on the people in numerous ways which are not limited to lowering crime rate, improving health and Americas economy at large; the reasons above are constructive businesswise should the drug be legalized (Morgan, 2010) . This is due to the high number of offenders who would resort to the use and sale of the drug other than seeking employment elsewhere. The large sums of money used in maintaining prisoners and processing court cases on marijuana would be channeled towards essential development projects to enhance economic growth (20 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC Medical Marijuana 25th Feb. 2014).It is rhetoric that people who opposed legalizing marijuana have realized how essential it is to legalize the drug. Among other considerations that both the US and the global populace should consider include the medicinal value of the drug. Some parts of the US and Canada have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, but it is perceived that the number of countries would greatly increase with time (20 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC Medical Marijuana 25th Feb. 2014). Research indicate that marijuana relieves pain for the respective users, in addition, other curative use of the drug include but not limited to relief of migraines, ADD, ADHD, OCDs and prevention of Alzheimers (CNNMoney). Advantage of marijuana in comparison to other drugs like cigarettes, alcohol, sleep aids and painkillers is that it is not addictive. Of course, many people would argue that it is addictive, but there is no factual evidence to prove the perception (Gerber, 2004).In conclusion, legalizing marijuana is a better approach the global malady. Most of the people who criticize the medicinal use of the drug often base their argument that it is unhealthy to the body without factual evidence. However, abuse of any drug is generally unhealthy, although cases of deaths that result from overdose on marijuana are yet to be recorded globally unlike alcohol use that intoxicate the abuser leading to death. Sale of medical marijuana is a source of foreign revenue that would not have been possible when the drug is illegalized. In addition, the huge number of offenders suffering in prisons due to possession, use and/ or smuggling of marijuana would be struggling...

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Who Is Baby Boomer - Free Essay Example

Baby boomer is a person who was born between 1946 and 1964. The origin of the name baby boomers is due to the immense number of births that were happening. In the beginning of the boom, 3.4 million infants born in the U.S.. The numbers kept increasing to nearly 4 million infants in between years 1953 and 1964. In the end of 1964, over the course of a 22-year period, about 76.4 million infants were brought into existence. The baby boomers are the 2nd biggest generational group in the history of the U.S. and they will continue to have a significant mark on the U.S..   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In the year 1964, the Civil Rights Act was passed in the U.S.A. This put an end to being segregated from areas or places based on race, color, religion, and sex. The passing of this law has done so much for all people that they can actually talk and it not turned into some incident or death. I believe this did a lot more for blacks than any race due to the fact that they couldnt be turned away because of the color of their skin. After years of struggle and setbacks, they could finally attempt to live in peace.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. He had lost his father in 1931 as he was murdered by White Supremacists. He became a man that could help stop the deaths of blacks that were being killed. Malcolm was great at his job, he steadily gained followers and he was becoming more and more influential as time went on. Until February 21st 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated by rival Black Muslims while addressing his Organization of Afro-American Unity (which was founded in 1964) in Washington Heights. He was shot to death and was barely even able to experience the world with the Civil Rights Act in play.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan was beginning. There was a grand total of 93 nations participating. The grand total of participants was 5,151. The number of men was 4,473 and women was 678. Like many Olympics before the men have always been the majority. This was the debut of other events such as sumo wrestling and judo matches. New Olympic records were set in 27 of the 36 events in the track-and-field competition. The end result of this Olympics was the U.S. coming out on top with the most number of gold medals that being 36.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The Winter Olympics of 1980 in Lake Placid for the second time is about to commence. In this Olympics only 37 nations participated and only a little over 1000 contestants. The men were the majority with 840 with the women at only 232. This is the age of television and rising numbers of viewers, that Lake Placid wasnt prepped entirely for this event. The U.S. ice hockey team defeated the powerful Soviets, and gained the gold. The big winners of the Winter Olympics were the Soviet Union with a total of 10 gold medallions.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   To conclude, the sports never cease to fail. The Olympics is such a popular event that everyone watches. It brings many nations and individuals together, to compete and have a good time. The Baby Boomer generation was definitely booming with many insane events taking place. We are now about to move into the next generation and see how the Olympics and other things played out.